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      Hi. I have OCD and the intrusive thoughts I occasionally get can be very disgusting. One thing I’m constantly worried about lately is whether or not thinking 18 or 19 year olds are attractive is leaning towards it. I know its not technically that but it’s barely just above the age of consent. Like, for example, years ago I had a crush on Rey in Star Wars and thought about her often (I’m 22 now btw, I was teenager back then). She’s 19 in Force Awakens and 20 in Rise of Skywalker. But now it just feels weird and I’m not sure that if as the years go by and I get older, it will be more creepy to think that. I’m just not sure if I’m being rational about this because in the end, I don’t want to accidentally realise afterwards that it was wrong.


        That is attraction to young people. Not 19-20 year olds.

        You don’t need to worry.

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            But she’s 30 and you’re 22. I don’t get it.

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