three-year strategy

april 2022 to march 2025

The Charity’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan sets out OCD Action’s vision and the core activities that the Charity plans to undertake.

Its purpose is to help the Trustees and the Chief Executive plan ahead and ensure that there are clear targets and objectives for each year, so that they are confident that all activities work towards achieving the Charity’s vision.

This three-year plan has been developed by OCD Action’s Trustees and staff, with the valued input of OCD Action volunteers and members of the OCD Community.

It has been written for all of the OCD Action team and for all supporters who have an interest in seeing the organisation succeed.

Some Background

In 2009, OCD Action launched its first three-year plan setting out how the Charity planed to grow and develop.

Since then, The Charity has achieved a great deal and is especially proud of the portfolio of high quality support services it has developed to help individuals affected by OCD. This has proven to be invaluable and has enabled OCD Action to make a real and lasting positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Previous strategic plans