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      I agree with people on here who say OCD and intrusive thoughts are worse when you are going through other stresses in your life. Stuff with work, and lack of sleep for example.

      I need advice to get through this as my OCD takes over if I have baf personal stuff going on.

      I need practical advice, as my OCD is especially worse when I’m suffering a lack of sleep. I need something to take the edge off.

      Should I see a doctor? Medication has never helped me.

      I’m going through a bad patch, please help!


        I know it’s hard when other stuff is going on but you need to take time for yourself. I had to be convinced of this, so I know it’s not simply a case of stopping everything else.

        a mindfulness app could help you get that 10 minutes to just calm your mind. My psychologist always says that mental fatigue is one of my biggest issues. I feel guilty taking time for myself, but if I don’t I’m just too tired to deal with anything properly and it only gets worse.

        maybe even some brief online or telephone therapy sessions. I find talking to someone to help best.

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