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      Hi, I’m new to this site but I’m really struggling and in a bad way at the moment. I’ve had OCD since I was about 8 where I suffered from intrusive thoughts that upset/scared me. When I was at secondary school I would sit on my hands a lot so I knew I wasn’t swearing at anyone and would keep my lips closed tight so I didn’t say anything bad when walking past certain people. It’s probably only been in the last 5/6 years that I’ve realised it’s OCD but because I didn’t know what it was for a long time, I thought I was just dangerous. I’ve also had thoughts like ive poisoned drinks with bleach so I have to keep remaking them until it feels right. The thing that scares me more than anything is false memory OCD which can be immediate for me too. I’ve had 2 particularly bad episodes that I feel could of been more like psychosis as I feel maybe I lost touch with reality and it scares me so much. The episodes were over 19 years ago and I had to have counselling about 10 years ago as they were still in my mind. One nurse said that it sounded a bit like psychosis. I was ok for a long time after my counselling etc although maybe still a bit worried but was able to live a fairly normal life. Right now though I’m going through a very stressful time in my personal life with big changes coming up and now those 2 events are back in my head and I feel cant go on anymore. I’m constantly googling OCD, psychosis and other mental illnesses and I feel like maybe I don’t just have OCD and it scares me. Im also constantly asking my mom that of I’d done something bad then I would know by now, wouldn’t I? I’m just so depressed and scared all the time and I’m frightened to move on with life because I feel I can’t get this out my head as I feel something bad is going to happen. I spend hours and hours ruminating about it and I just can’t cope anymore. Sorry its such a long post but I wondered if anyone has any advice or a similar experience/worry.?

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