Hey I am new on here and just wanted to seek help I have been struggling with I think harm OCD for the past 7 years it has been a day in and day out struggle I had a big episode of OCD happened today while I was driving I got a urge that was really strong to hit this pedestrian that was walking and the thoughts that came rushing in my mind kept telling me to do it do it you know you want to do it and it felt like I was actually going to do it felt like I was going to carry out this thought but I know I would never do anything like this and it scares me so bad sometimes to where it makes me believe I actually would act on these thoughts but I know deep down I would never. what scares me the most is it feels like I don’t even know who I am anymore I have severe headaches and just feel so depressed I just can’t shake these thoughts and I know that this is not a part of my character I do not want to do these things because it’s saddens me just to even have these pop up in my mind sometimes I just break down and just feel like giving up like there is no hope please if anyone has suffered from anything like this and has over came it please share with me and let me know thank you!

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