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    Forum Moderators here – welcome to the forums! We’re so glad you’re part of the OCD Action forum user community. We’ve put together some essential information for everyone – please take a few minutes to read it. You can find it here:

    In addition to the forums, if you’d like to talk to or email someone who understands OCD, please contact our OCD Action Helpline. You can get confidential information about and support from a Helpline volunteer who understands how OCD can impact your life. Contact our Helpline by:

    • phone: 0300 636 5478
    • email:

    We also want to be sure you know that we have a lot of very useful information on our website, including the site’s Resources page:

    You’ll find lots of helpful web-based resources on topics such as:

    We hope you find this helpful and welcome again!

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