Today, it is the turn of public swimming baths… They have so much chlorine in them, that after a while, my eyes start to hurt, mist up, and I have difficulty seeing my way around. That is basically disinfectant. So, If we aren’t sterile going in, we certainly are when we come out… And that is fine. Isn’t it?  It is the best we have, and is okay to the industry standard. The one I go to, is part of a Gym complex, so people are gonna be hot and sweaty. Mind you, The air conditioning in the gym makes the pool area warmer, and the water refreshingly cool… But not cold. The gym instructors are really nice people, and we can get a hot drink afterwards. We have to trust them to be okay, just as we trust motorists coming towards us, to stay on their side of the road. We just do… And that is something we can challenge the concept of Bontamination wiping out Contamination. We are doing the world a favour by touching things when our hands are only ‘Reasonably clean’.

    In ordinary life, Can we allow ourselves to get just a little grubby, and just let it be so..?