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      Good morning. I’ve had OCD for a long time and this year has been particularly awful. I know ERP is regarded as a very effective approach but accessing it is very difficult I feel.

      I have a GP who is … politely … very uncaring. Additionally there’s no sense of urgency among the community mental health team I’ve been involved with for a long time. I’m not sure I really have a care plan despite being “in crisis” on several occasions this year. I had an awful awful assessment with two people clearly out of their depth who made extremely stereotypical comments about such as “how often do you wash your hands?” and more.

      I’ve contacted every practitioner of ERP in the city I live in and also nearby and those who replied have said they aren’t taking on new clients – some even said they weren’t adding sufferers to their waiting lists. I looked into NOCD and am very disappointed that despite claiming to be affordable it’s £130 for a 60 minute session – virtually.

      What else can I do?

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        Forum moderators here – we’re very sorry that you’re having such a difficult time accessing treatment and we’d like to help.

        Please consider contacting the OCD Action Helpline team on 0300 636 5478. They can talk you through the treatment process, answer any questions you may have, and let you know how OCD Action can provide ongoing support.

        You seem to be very familiar with how the NHS works but please have a look at the Resources section of the OCD Action website, especially under the section I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT GETTING HELP FROM THE NHS

        You may also find it useful to read this page on our website: GETTING A YES FROM THE NHS written by a Helpline volunteer.

        Again, we really encourage you to contact our Helpline – you shouldn’t be dealing with all of this on your own and OCD Action is here to help you.


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