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      Quick Guide to Reporting a Post

      Would you like to report a post to the moderators but don’t know how? Or want to be sure your privacy and security are protected when you report a post?

      We’ve made this both easy and safe for everyone! Your privacy and security are always protected if you report a post. We will never disclose information that could identity you or your forum user account.

      When should I report a post?

      Keep an eye out for posts that don’t follow our forum guidelines or for users who may be in distress. Not sure what the guidelines are? Review them here:

      Some commonly reported posts:

      • Spam content and any links you don’t trust
      • Harassment/ bullying: includes any negative comments posted about others
      • Inappropriate content: i.e. illegal, racist, very graphic or violent content
      • Users who are in distress: posts about self-harm, suicidal thoughts
      • Advertisements: the only advertising permitted is directly related to OCD or other mental health issues

      How can I report a post?

      1. At the top of the post, click on “REPORT“. You’ll see a drop-down list with “Report reason
      2. Click on a reason: “Spam”, “Advertising”, “Harassment”, “Inappropriate content”. (Not all reports will “fit”; please choose the closest reason.)
      3.  You’ll then see “REPORTED” and “Your report will be reviewed by our moderation team” on the screen. You’ve reported a post!
      4. If you want to add more detail, email your comments and the post title to: 

      What happens next?

      Our moderation team reviews your report. If the post does not follow forum guidelines, we’ll contact the poster. We’ll explain why their post doesn’t follow our guidelines and work with them to either:

      • edit the post so it’s suitable for the forums or
      • remove the post.

      And please remember: your account details are always kept safe and never revealed to anyone.

      Thanks for your help – reporting a post helps us to keep this a safe and and special place for everyone!

      Forum Moderators

      Forum Moderators


        Forum moderators here: we just want to thank everyone who has reported posts to us since we introduced the Report a Post feature.

        We really appreciate your help – by reporting everything you’ve been concerned about on the forums, you helped us to make this forum community safe for everyone.

        Please never hesitate to report a post – it’s always better to report something you’re not quite sure about.

        Thanks again to everyone,

        Forum Moderators

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