Please help us to keep this a safe, supportive and harmonious user community by reading these Forum Guidelines. All users are required to follow the Guidelines while interacting with others by posting on the forums.

Before using the forums, please also read OCD Action’s:

Our Forum Guidelines

We want you to feel comfortable and safe while sharing your thoughts, questions, concerns and triumphs with people who understand on our forums.

Out of respect for our forum user community, please always follow the following Guidelines when posting:

  • Each forum user is allowed one account. If you register multiple accounts, we will contact you about closing all except one.
  • Keep your forum login and account details private. Never give these to another user – or ask for theirs.
  • This is not a “closed” forum, so do not post anything you want to keep private. Posts are public and can be viewed by anyone, not just registered forum users.
  • Do not post personal details such as your “real world” name or email address or links to videos or other media where you can be identified. If posted, these will be removed to protect your privacy and security.
  • Please only communicate with other users by posting on the forums. We strongly recommend that users don’t attempt to get in touch “outside” of the forums, either in person or virtually.
  • Do not post anything that you know, or think, may be illegal or pornographic. Remember that illegal activity in a “virtual world”, like a forum, can be as serious as in the “real world”.
  • We have zero tolerance for rude or insulting posts, personal attacks, racist, sexist, homophobic or other offensive language.
  • Posts with illegal, violent, sexually graphic, or other offensive content, or that violate these Guidelines, will be edited or removed.
  • Double-posting (posting the same topic more than once), cross-posting (posting a topic in more than one forum) and posting to “bump” a topic up the forums is not allowed.
  • Advertising, spamming and trolling are not permitted. You may only include links to commercial items for sale, such as books or videos, if they’re directly related to OCD or mental health issues.
  • All posts and comments must be in English, which is the forum language. We understand that forum users come from all over the world, but all users must be able to read all posts.
  • Please welcome and encourage new users. Try to help others and not just ask for help.
  • If it’s your first time posting, tell users a bit about yourself. For example, explain if you’ve been diagnosed with OCD (or not), or are a carer, parent or friend of someone with OCD.
  • Always read the very first post in a topic and reply to the person who started it. Please respect the original poster and don’t let them get “lost” in a long topic thread.
  • Respect others by reading their entire post before replying. Miscommunication can happen when users don’t properly read or understand posts.
  • When you reply to a post, stay on topic. Topics can gradually change direction, but don’t suddenly post something off-topic.
  • Don’t interrupt a topic by starting a “private” conversation with another user while ignoring others.
  • Don’t “highjack” a topic by posting only about yourself. Either contribute something to help others – or start your own topic.
  • A post written in one long paragraph is difficult to understand, and users may not read it. Try to put each of your points, questions, thoughts etc in a separate paragraph in your post.
  • If you post a quote or information from a source, such as a website, blog, book etc, you must include details so that users can find the source. Include: the source’s title/name, the name of the author/ blogger/organisation etc who wrote it and a brief description. For digital sources, include a link/URL.
  • If you post a link, remember that forum users must know exactly what to expect when clicking on it. Along with the link, you must include a description (as explained above.) If you post only a link, it will be removed, as links can lead to spam or illegal content.
  • You’re very welcome to share your experiences with OCD, including your assessment, diagnosis and treatment. But while you can make suggestions about OCD for others, you can’t tell them what to do about OCD. Advice about appropriate assessment, diagnosis and treatment must come from a qualified medical professional.
  • To report a post that you think doesn’t follow these Guidelines, click on the “REPORT” link on the top right-hand side of the post. You can read our Quick Guide to Reporting a Post for details. Or report it by emailing
  • Posts containing any comments about the moderators or negative, offensive, rude etc comments about other users will be removed. If you have comments about the moderators, or concerns about other users, email the moderators at the address above.
  • Please do not post negative or critical comments about OCD Action. To ask questions or send feedback about the charity, use the contact details on this page:
  • OCD Action reserves the right to block or ban users who openly or repeatedly violate these Forum Guidelines.
  • Due to the nature of OCD, moderators may also edit or remove posts for reasons not stated here. This is to help ensure that users are safe and secure and are not exposed to offensive or illegal material.
  • These Guidelines cover the most common situations occurring on these forums. OCD Action also reserves the right to take other appropriate actions not described here to ensure that forum user safety, privacy and security are protected.

We hope these Guidelines will help everyone to feel safe while enjoying using the forums.

If you ever feel isolated or alone, please remember that you’re part of our supportive and friendly forum user community!