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      hi I really need some feedback from anyone out there that has been where I am. My son is has asd and ocd fear of contamination. To the extent that he avoids the toilet the downstairs won’t touch anything unless it’s clean. He only stays in his room.

      It’s severe won’t leave the house unless forced and I am helping him with all the decontamination when we get back and then he still gets distressed. Basically no help no one to one intervention from education health or anywhere for 2 years.

      He has his covid jab and on that day asked to get a drive through and left house first time in two years. I have made steady progress since then with no help or support.

      He was only weeing once a day now he goes twice. He wasn’t cleaning teeth regularly now he I. He went to a shop with me first time in over two years and has-been on a dog walk.

      I sent an email asking questions about care about therapy and his entitlement to it. And I have also been chasing education who supposedly started an ehcp re assessment in sept2021. I have had radio silence from all parties.

      I have now had a phone call from cahms saying there will be a big meeting and that the consultant and all involved have had a meeting and a referral has been made to social services.

      Can anyone help. My fear is that they are going to hospitalise him and they are nit going to try the change of medication or therapy in the community before this which was planed.

      I am broken and know that being put into hospital now will destroy him and I am just making progress with him and reaching him. Nobody is listening and nobody has actually spent more than 5 mins with him. He has had three face to face encounters for no more than 5 mins over the past 2 years. What do I do ?

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        Forum moderators here – your son is very fortunate to have such a caring parent – but we’re sorry to read what you have been going through,

        We strongly suggest that you phone (or email) our OCD Action Helpline. Our Helpline provides confidential support for people with OCD and their parents too. They may be able to provide you with information on how you can get help in your situation. Contact our Helpline by:

        Also, the OCD Action website has resources for parents of children with OCD on these pages:

        Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

        The Carers page:

        The Resources page: click on “I am a carer or loved one and want some resources”:

        We don’t know how old your son is but this page may be useful: “I am a parent of a young child”:

        Just please remember you’re never alone; OCD Action is here to support you.

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