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    Hi there,

    I sometimes look at what we will have touched when we were little ourselves… Before computers we played outside a lot… People would never have cleaned up dog poo etc.

    We were literally never clean… And as for household chemicals!  Toilets.   They were supposed to be dangerous whatever we did.

    I worked in casework for a while. The manager freaked out with the amount of household bleach we were buying. We were bleaching toilets twice every shift, to give staff something to do (!). Six times every 24 hours! We were practically inhaling the stuff…

    It is bringing things into perspective and proportion. Our natural defences are incredibly good. We are very protected from our world around us. We actually need a certain amount of grubbiness to keep our defences fighting and strong, it is part of nature. Our kids need to build their own defences, crawling on the floor before walking is amazingly important!

    Looking back, it’s amazing what we come through, often without us even being aware. Amazing ????