Just over a year ago I decided to embark on an adventure.I had travelled before, around Europe, but wanted more experience so decided to live and work in Australia. I suffer from OCD and Anxiety, which makes this difficult as I suffer from intrusive thoughts – I often get bad people, such as paedophiles and terrorists stuck in my head.

I got very anxious leading up to when I was going, as I had to sort out vaccinations for my South Asia trip before I arrived in Australia, and bank account, cv, etc. for Australia. When I arrived in Vietnam for an organised trip I felt very tired and anxious, but by the next day in Halong Bay a couple from Liverpool started to talk to me and I felt much better.

Halong Bay was lovely – beautiful scenery, and we went on a boat trip. Some people in the group were friendly and seemed to understand my strange sense of humour! When we got to Cambodia some more people joined the group and I made a very good friend. I enjoyed the activities even more as I had someone to share them with, and I could help her as she was nervous and anxious.

by: Nathanescu

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