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      Hi everyone… Tonight it was Pasta for tea. Dried pasta into a pan of boiling water. Then drain and pour in a can of Cream of chicken soup. Tonight, for a treat, I put gammon pieces in. To prepare the gammon, I filled the washing up bowl with ordinary hot water and a squirt of ordinary wash up liquid. I then got a large pair of scissors, and cut the two raw gammon steaks into small pieces, straight into a frying pan. I then, before touching anything else, I dipped my hands, and the scissors, and the plastic wrapping into the dishwater, and dried my hands on the towel. No antibac needed. I then fried the gammon, and when ready, I tipped it into the pasta/soup mix. I warmed it through on a low heat, served up and voila! All done. A really nice, quick, filling meal. Cooked thoroughly? Of course it is. It always is. I think…  Well, it always has been up until now. So we will go with the uncertainty…  As far as I know, everything was clean enough… The outside of the pasta packet was the same as it always is… Likewise the pans, the gammon packet and scissors… I sit here a few hours later, and all is well… Just as it always is…  And Pizza? Yes, some time this week we’ll have Pizza again… We had some Christmas cake today. Believe it or not, there is a use by date on it! Surely it gets better with age! And what about the box? I cannot clean a cardboard box… It will have been handled by the shop staff… Me, The till operator, then me again prior to opening… The cake was delicious, by the way! Is it okay? We’ll have to wait and see… More later…


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