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      Hi everyone. Today it’s junk mail,  letters and charity collection bags, for clothing that we no longer wear… Ever since we were small children  we have eagerly anticipated the postal delivery. On birthdays it would be greetings cards. Same at Christmas,  and Easter… And newspapers… Read at the breakfast table… With toast and marmalade. Real nice.  All picked up from the front door mat… Where we wipe our feet on entering the house from the street… We were never ill, were we?  We may have had the occasional bout of vomiting as our natural defences got stronger  from crawling around on the floor,  learning how to walk.  If it was dangerous to us, we’d have different arrangements.  True? Well, yes…. Yes!.  I am currently wondering if it is safe for someone to send me a music CD from Germany  and that is because of Germany being in Covid lockdown. Not because of ordinary household germs…  Mmmmm. It makes us think doesn’t it? We’ve always been okay… Try telling that to your OCD intrusive thoughts… The more we risk it, the easier  it gets… cbt in action… defy it  . But still follow covid rules.

      God bless you for reading. More next week


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