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      Hi there

      i have developed a nervous habit of glancing at women’s breasts when I’m talking to them. It’s not bc I’m lesbian as I’m straight but it’s really upsetting me as I’m sure it must be noticeable. I feel v uncomfortable when I’m talking to women and force myself to look at their eyes instead but I’m sure my eyes glance downwards.

      I started back at work yesterday after finishing maternity leave and my day was ruined by this.


      is it OCD? How can I overcome it?

      id love some advice.


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        Forum moderators here; we’re sorry you haven’t had many replies yet. Please don’t take this personally or ever think you’re alone. It may just be that forum users are taking a bit of  time to consider how to reply and support you.

        And please remember that you can also contact the OCD Action Helpline to talk to or email someone who understands OCD.

        Our Helpline volunteers provide confidential help, information and support for people with OCD (and anyone who thinks they may have OCD). Most volunteers have personal experience of OCD; all understand how it can impact your entire life. Contact our Helpline by:

        • phone: 0300 636 5478 (this is a UK number).
        • email:

        And please remember that you’re never alone – OCD Action is always here to help and support you.

        Best wishes,

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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