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      Hi everyone… I have spotted something on the internet… You know how we are often really caught up with the word contamination… Well I am… There is a new word coming on-line:-  ‘Bontamination’. It works on the idea that, to Bontaminate something, is to ‘contaminate’ it, but in a good way. Sounds interesting!  The writer goes on to say that, when we look at our fingertips, if there was only bad stuff on our skin, we’d have no healthy skin… They’ve got a point… Surely we have good bacteria on our hands/surfaces? And then, if we overdo it with the antibacterials, we’re bumping off everything… But we need the good germs to strengthen by fighting the bad germs… That is how our immune systems build up… naturally… Hasn’t it always been that way? Until Covid, most people would have rarely washed their hands… Even after using the toilet…

      This could be worth looking into…

      God bless you for reading,



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