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      I’m not even scared of wanting to be a man anymore but now of wanting to be non binary which so far has been 10x worse. I get this really weird mental and physical feeling when I look at nb people, the physical feelings make my stomach feel like it’s swirling around, I get this slight anxious feeling in my chest, and I start shaking, but the mental feeling is hard to tell if I’m uncomfortable or if I like it?? But the worst part is I feel quite uncomfortable being a girl now. Like I feel very uncomfy in my body and thinking really about gender at all makes me feel weird, and now I’m scared I’ve always felt like this and just didn’t realize(cause I have some memories of discomfort in my body, but they could just be bc of my low self confidence). I’m scared that every thought I’ve ever had about wanting to be a girl was just me trying to fit in but not actually wanting it(esp. bc I‘ve  never been a super girly girl).  Now Idk what I actually want and what is real, will I ever? I just feel sorta hopeless now and like this can’t even be OCD at this point, like I’m just in denial

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