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      I am a mum of two young kids and I am really struggling with harm OCD. I have had different themes in the past including harm OCD against husband. I am struggling and wondering if anyone out there is going through the same. It makes it so hard to be around my kids. I’m not the mum I used to be and I don’t understand why. I am on the wait list for therapy and currently taking meds but feel like I am in limbo now. Please someone help me.


        Hi there… And Welcome…

        It’s sure not easy… My contamination OCD was linked very strongly to the fear of harming others, either directly or indirectly… And mainly children… After all, we are supposed to prevent them from any even discomfort.

        I guess that children are more resilient than we realise, cos they don’t yet know all the frightening stuff that us grown-ups hear or read about on a daily basis… Maybe we care too much for our own good…

        We hear every day about the injustices in the world, and yet, right now, there is the risk of a volcano erupting that, as long as it doesn’t affect the flightpaths of the ultra rich going to ski slopes, it is largely ignored.

        We care so much for our little ones, and that is a good thing… Some people just don’t give a damn…

        We are good people us sufferers… And yet we feel useless…

        Just continue with what you are doing to protect your little ones… Keep giving them all the time you can, and they will build their own resilience, and your fears are bound to decrease.

        I have to let things be less than perfectly clean… It hurts me to do that, and yet… Somehow things will come right in time…

        I hope!

        I may be way off here, but, then again, it is another’s point of view… I’m a great-grandad. And for some reason, the younger ones think I’m wonderful!

        Maybe we both are!




          Thank you so much for your reply. That is a really good view on it all. I really appreciate the time you took reach out to me 🙂


            You are welcome.

            We are all learning from each other on this… Me too… With the grandchildren…

            Wannabe    🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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