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      So I had a very detailed dream about a dog, and I was like watching it in the dream, and at first I was trying to avoid it but then I felt like I had to test myself like in the dream and thought “who cares just look” and made myself look and it felt like I enjoyed it, as soon as I woke up I started feeling super anxious but I still remember how I felt in the dream and I’m scared like why don’t I feel just disgusted by the thought now? So now I feel like this has to be true, this is the most real it’s ever felt but I don’t want it to be and idk what to do. Oh and idk if this is true or not, but to me I think that if I feel something in a dream it must be real and that it means the only reason it doesn’t feel like this irl is bc the anxiety is like blocking the feeling, so like when I stop being anxious irl does that mean I’ll realize I like it?

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