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      I’m going to write about something that has destroyed me! (Updated correction).

      As a male I tried to date other women and confined in the difficulties that I have faced within my life along with the fact that I also suffer with OCD which needs to appreciated when establishing a relationship/connection with someone. Which does make me feel ‘less comfortable’ and to a lesser degree ‘less confident’ when it comes to it. The times I have took the time to confine in my vulnerability/struggles to women with a view of dating. Women have dismissed it as ‘he doesn’t want to do it’’ so she goes with someone else. I don’t know that many women in my life and don’t have the relationships for childhood that I can just go back too who would be familiar with me or the concept of OCD so when it comes to dating.. I’m always meeting someone knew with no previous understanding of the condition whilst also trying to find the honesty of someone who would be willing to take the time and effort with me to understand/help me feel less anxious.  Only they don’t or aren’t prepared to wait/try to make me feel comfortable enough which I as a guy would take the time to do with them. ?

      At the same time when I have confined to another female OCD sufferer about this with a view to having it (thinking they would understand the struggles of OCD). They say they don’t have any difficulty with that regard because rather than wait for someone to be close enough with them. They have frequent or regular ones with different men. It makes me feel male sufferers of OCD/Mental Health are not appreciated and therefore can not be open about issues when it comes to dating.

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