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      I have been prescribed Pregabalin to be used alongside the 10mg Escitalopram that I currently take, as  my doctor , nurse and pharmacist thought if I start on 25mg working my way upwards to 75mg twice a day this would be the best way forward for me as a lot of the ssris I have taken have been too activating for me.

      Has anyone on here had any experience with Pregabalin please. as I am just a little wary , Thank you







          I have been taking 200mg Sertraline since 2014 which helped tremendously but I just felt something else was needed. I heard that a friend with similar OCD to me was prescribed Pregablin. I did some research before speaking to my GP who started me on 25mg twice daily and am now on 300mg once a day. I have found it very effective in conjunction with Sertraline. The best way I describe how the meds work for me is that the Sertraline helps remove the immediacy to respond to the OCD triggers (spikes) and the Pregablin helps keep the anxiety at a managable level during this time. Neither remove the obsessions or compulsions but combined help me to cope better.


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            We’re sorry you’re going through such a difficult time with OCD and we want you to know that OCD Action offers several types of support for you

            You can contact the OCD Action Helpline and Email Ser to talk to or email someone who understands OCD.

            Our Helpline volunteers provide confidential information and support for people with OCD. Most volunteers have personal experience of OCD; all understand how it can impact your life. Contact our Helpline by:

            Support groups for people with OCD offer a safe place where you can talk openly about OCD and support other people. Read information about UK-based groups here:

            If you don’t live in the UK, look for groups near you on the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) website. Under “Find Help”, choose “Listing Types”, then “Support Groups”:

            And please remember that you’re never alone – OCD Action is here to support you.

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