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      There are two accounts online of my story or life with OCD. One is from 2001 and the other from 2012. I’ve changed a lot and am definitely more wary about disclosing the nitty gritty – within reason – of the horrors of this condition OCD BUT that’s only because one of these accounts uses my surname (still there despite me asking for it to be removed) and I know a lot of people don’t know what OCD is really like – part of the reason I shared my story was to raise public awareness ironically. We’ve got zero control over what someone else might think of us – whether they’re right or wrong. It took me years to really understand this because I’m a massive people pleaser – or was. You know who you are and you know the nature of this condition as do I. “People that mind don’t matter and people that matter don’t mind” most of the time.

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