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      I can only speak for myself but therapy was a game changer for me. A huge shift in the right direction. As above it’s important to find the right therapy for you. I did a sort of  ERP/CBT combo through the NHS.

      As stretched as they are the NHS absolutely nailed the approach for me. No hippie nonsense you might get with a private therapist. They assess you individually, identify the best approach and everything felt very safe.

      Re: private therapists. Earlier on in my journey I had one that told me turning vegetarian would help… I’m all for vegetarianism but last time I checked it definitely doesn’t cure OCD.

      TLDR: Therapy = good


        Just found this….

        It’s not so much learning a new skill as unlearning an old one… Literally unlearning this Compulsive need to do stuff largely against our inner hearts. This stuff that troubles us so deeply, you and me, every single day, and sometimes night, of our lives.

        Ocd is a crippler, we all know that. So, what to do? Don’t isolate yourself. Share with others around you. Those that truly understand will find you.

        Read as much as you can… Search Amazon for titles… Become youyour own expert researcher. Together we can sort this…

        To start… Explore the Ocd Action website. There is a lot of stuff to help us… Just read… It is all freely available to you, and written by people who have, and indeed sometimes still do, find themselves standing where you are right now, right this minute. I’ve been there too. Yes, even me. It has happened to the best and worst of us. We have a unique insight into something that sometimes literally wrecks our days, and sometimes gets into our sleep times too. With resolve, and big deep breath of inspiration,  we can do this…

        More later,



          🙂  Just writing this all down on a forum helps me to assert the stuff I’ve been taught by various therapists over the years…


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