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      I googled OCD in kids and it sounds like my son has ocd to me. I’m tryig not to jump to any conclusions or scare him, but should I take him to the GP? I’m afraid the GP won’t take me or him seriously.


        I think it’s definitely worth taking him to the GP. If your son is old enough, be sure to get his input too. I took my daughter (15) to the GP a few weeks ago. She had already spoken to a counsellor from the childline webchat about how she was feeling and they recommended she see the GP for possible OCD and anxiety.

        She wrote down a list of things that she wanted to mention, from behaviours to how she felt, then asked me if there was anything I thought she’d missed.

        When we were at the appointment, she had the list out and went through it point by point, the GP then brought up a tick box questionnaire and went through that.

        The questionnaire was really simple, it was a tick box one that the GP filled out from the information we’d spoken about then asked about any points that weren’t covered.

        I think it was important to be prepared, the list meant we didn’t forget anything or the impact it was having so I’d definitely recommend this.

        You can ask for a referral to children’s mental health services regardless of how seriously the GP takes you but I think they’ll generally take you seriously. If you feel they haven’t, ask to see a different GP until you feel you’ve been listened to.

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