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      Clothing… Shirt buttons, trouser buttons and zips. Cds and DVDs. And for the older ones of us, gramophone records… we never washed those did we? In the late1960s  into early 1970s it wasn’t unusual to have a small cocktail bar, or a hostess trolley, or crisps with the tiny blue salt wraps. What about fondue? We survived the experience! We must have, or we wouldn’t be here today… Buffet sandwiches etc. Think of the many parties people would have… Bus and escalator handrails… Walking frames and crutches, and all manner of disability aids… Terry nappies. We came through all that…  And are stronger for having done so.  Before we had plastic, food was bought with metal coins, and crumpled banknotes. And they were absolutely filthy! We got measles, not food poisoning…  We didn’t sue eacother for the slightest thing, purely in the pursuit of financial gain…. When we went holidaying under canvas…Was anything, literally  anything clean?  And we didn’t have antibacterial gels then… We just had childhood immunizations.  We would pass photographs around… Anyone ever sterilise birthday and Christmas cards? I used to try, but gave up cos it got ridiculous and unworkable. And then there was the office stapler….

      God bless you for reading…


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