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      Okay… As the last thread was over 100 entries long, I’ve started a new one… Let’s go!

      Today I needed to get some food shopping done… A supermarket… Lots of different items… One checkout… I’ve got a couple of packs of cakes… Paper bags… No feasible way to clean them… Also, bottles of milk… And then I handled a bank card to pay… Now… Looking at this logically, and without Catastrophising the issue… In our house… We’ve never, ever, had a problem with not being able to wash everything…  I used the gel on the way into the store, cos that is provided, and wore my face covering, as is the law now…  And, before paying, handled it all to get it into an uncooperative carrier bag…  Tomorrow, it would have been church, but my wife, who hasn’t been out for a while, is isolating, ‘just in case’. There is no positive test result, she just feels under the weather… I was going to do some writing today, but got idle instead, it is a Saturday, after all, a ‘rest’ day… I’m going to get some kip now… More later, God bless you for reading.


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