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      As a kid I was very, very self conscious of myself. I didn’t know how to clean myself properly… And that led to other problems too.

      Nowadays, I’m nearly bald, and my stomach makes me look like I’m pregnant. (But I’m a bloke!)

      I now attend a small private swimming spa pool. Unlike leisure centre’s, this is more about dimmed lighting, and a nice warm pool and environment. Imagine my surprise, when I noticed that others had similar shapes to me… I don’t need to be macho. Even the gym next door, is full of people who are ordinary shapes… The posers don’t get much attention at all, we are trying to start to feel better about ourselves, regardless of appearance or strength. Gentle exercise can have dramatic effects on our sense of self… It’s getting the heart pumping and the feelgood  chemicals in us working. We don’t compete. The problem with competition is, there are a lot more runners up, than there are winners. Not everyone can be at the top of the ‘tree’, there needs to be a lot of us lower down to be part of things. I wonder if there are any books about how to deal with feeling demoralised?  Life seems to be so competitive these days…





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