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      I’ve had OCD all my life and really value my relationships with my best friends but really fear OCD will mean I lose them. Cause doesn’t OCD attack things which you value most? I try to live in the here and now and think whatever OCD made me do or not do, it’s not the end of the world. But I don’t really deep down believe that. OCD tells me I’ve done a load of bad stuff, even if I haven’t and it sucks! How can I not lose my friends?

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        Forum Moderators here – Please look at the OCD Action website, where you’ll find helpful information and resources about conditions related to OCD here:

        You can also contact the OCD Action Helpline and Email Service to talk to or email someone who understands.

        Our Helpline volunteers provide confidential and unbiased help, information and support for people with OCD and related conditions. Contact our Helpline by:

        • phone: 0300 636 5478
        • email:

        And please remember that you’re never alone – OCD Action is here to help and support you.

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