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      I am currently on a waiting list for High-Intensity CBT, after recently being referred to a new mental health service. I’m particularly scared about ERP because not completing compulsions currently seems impossible. Also I know that CBT with ERP is pretty much the only psychological/therapeutic treatment for OCD, so if this doesn’t work what happens next, as I’m already medicated. I don’t know whether part of the reason I’m so anxious about this is due to a previous bad experience with CBT, with a therapist who didn’t really understand and was invalidating. Also could anyone tell me what the difference between High-Intensity CBT is as apposed to just CBT. I’m guessing the High-Intensity means either a longer course of treatment, more sessions or more intense sessions or is this just terminology within IAPT services. As I said I have previously had CBT, this was nearly a year ago with university and I had 6 sessions(the maximum my uni offer) – which didn’t help at all, although I think that was mainly due to the relationship I had with the therapist. However since then I am now on medication, have a diagnosis, and I’m also currently in counselling and have been since March(with a counsellor who is amazing) but unfortunately she can’t help me anymore as I require more specialist intervention. It was her who referred me back to my doctor to then get referred to the IAPT service. Any experiences/advice that anyone could share would be greatly appreciated!

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