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      Dear all,

      Hope someone can assure or advice me. I am really frustrated and just want to end it for ever. I don’t know whether it is ocd or just my mind is going haywire ?. It all started from last year in August with a thought of what if I had killed someone in the past and forget it. Since that day several obessions developed from it. Today this is my condition that i even keep track of wherever i go and repeatedly check if i have assaulted or killed someone or if i had did any crime on the way. Even after coming home i check my clothes or body for any strange marks or anything. I just think how it can be possible that i never even thought about it earlier and now just due to a thought I’m so much paranoid. I even feel a sense of guilt and apprehension. Sometimes I feel that I should report to the police but then i get anxious that what if i am really innocent but would be punished for a crime i didn’t even did. I just feel that living life is not worth it because someday i would be caught and everything is finished. Please help me anyone please please ???.

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