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      Hi just need some tips for overcoming ocd and someone to relate.

      im tryna to do my recovery and not giving into compulsions and analysing feelings, challenging them etc. but what I’ve always struggled with is I feel like I want to kill and feel like I want to hurt people, does anyone experience this cause I just need someone to tell me I’m not a psycho and I’ll never kill. Because I constantly  feel like I wanna kill which is making the recovery hard. It just feels so like it’s constant that I want to like a thought will pop in my head saying r u sure u don’t wanna kill or r u sure u don’t wanna stab someone and it alawayd feels like I want to.
      another thing is I try not to pay attention to the thought but it’s constantly in the back of my head even when I’m not paying attention to it it’s kinda like a hey pay attention to me thing and I can’t get out of my head no matter how much I don’t pay attention to it or ignore it is this normal and if so how do I overcome this

      Can people relate to this if u think I’m a danger please let me know so I can hand myself in

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