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      I had terrible ocd about harm. Then, it came back but I’m OK again now, stress seems to be a bad idea as well as guilt, fear and shame. I deperattely try to avoid harmful thoughts, I’m scared that I’ll do bad things even if I don’t think them. What can make me better?


        One day at a time… Literally… Not thinking too deeply into anything…

        I’ve been on Medicines for twenty plus years… Now it is time to come off of them, for good, hopefully… It can be scary, but it is time I took over my mental health… Take control over my destiny… I don’t want to be propped up anymore. I’ve done the CBT, and I’m fired up to manage on my own. Not to mention not worry about the cost of prescriptions… The rules round those are really complicated!  I feel strong inside… I can do this… I can do this…

        If I begin to struggle, I will turn to my other loves, that of music and writing… That is words… I prefer not to read music notation…  And writing… Optimistic stories… Uplifting stories… When I am the one who is winning… Every time… I am winning everytime…  I’m off my medicines!

        You can be on medicines, cos they can help. It is not a weakness, so you carry on. It is just that now it is my time to stop, and fly free. They are there should I need them again. But to be honest, after 40 years or so, I don’t think they are actually doing anything anymore. I get low days, just as anyone else does. But most of the time, it is me lifting the moment, pushing forward through the metaphorical rain. And getting to the sunshine beyond. It is always there you know… It is always there… We just have to keep pushing on until we get to it. Believe me, it is always gonna be there.

        We all have the right to be happy… And we will… All of us… One day… We will all get our proverbial dose of the sunshine…

        A good thing to listen to on youtube is Les Cranes’   ‘Desiderata’. Get the one with the lyrics, they are good words for living by. We are good people, simply by being on these forums… You found us for a reason…

        Keep It Simple Suffering Soul


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          And please remember that you can also contact the OCD Action Helpline to talk to or email someone who understands OCD.

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