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      I haven’t posted on the forum for a while now and used to be a regular user on the forum for reassurance. I thought I was doing better but my recovery has hit a wall. My onset of OCD started in January 2020 at the time I was 21 and I’m 22 now and have recently finished my undergraduate in Psychology. However, I have been really devastated by the impact my OCD (if that’s what this fear is) has when considering career options as I’m really terrified and I have been avoiding it by finding opportunities where I work mainly with an adult population or a youth population.

      The careers I was considering such as becoming a clinical psychologist has completely gone out the window when the course outline stated that there will be a placement in 1st year and I’m just broken on thinking if I could cope with that. I’m scared that my reason for avoiding is because I truly am scared if I did work I will end upset which is something I don’t want at all. How can I overcome this? force myself to confront my fear and has anyone on here been in a similar situation and has been able to overcome it. From a CBT and ERP standpoint, how would I face my fear?

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