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    Choking on flowers

      Alright, let me give a little background on what’s been going on.

      About two months ago, my foot randomly started to move by itself. It feels more like muscle spasms. I didn’t get any sort of injury or anything like that. I was just sitting down one day and my foot randomly started moving. Mostly around my toe area, it causes my toes to curl. At first, I didn’t mind it. I’d always get random movements in my feet every once in a while, but this time it was different. I expected it would go away after a little while, but the next day my foot was still moving nonstop. My foot hasn’t stopped moving since. It only stops moving when I’m asleep (according to my mother at least). So it’s been moving nonstop for two months now, right? We did go to my doctor first and he said that he has no idea what it could be. At first, he suggested it could just be a nervous tick. Which I just believed for the time being. Next, we went to a physical therapist and he also had no idea what it was either. Both have said that it doesn’t seem like anything serious. We’ve done physical testing and checking any other body parts and still, nothing seems concerning to them. We plan on going to a neurologist next week and this is where things started to get worrying for me. Yesterday I remembered back when I took my biology course, we learned about a genetic disorder called Parkinson’s disease. I remembered that one symptom was random movements in the muscles. It usually starts in one place, and it gradually gets worse over time. So I started to fear that I may have Parkinson’s and that I’m barely at the early stages. I know the disease is usually diagnosed in older people, but I’ve read that there are rare cases where younger people can get diagnosed, and I’m afraid that I may be one of those people. If it’s not Parkinson’s, then I also fear that I may have Dystonia or some other sort of neurological disorder. I’ve read that Dystonia can affect anyone at ANY AGE. I just want to get an answer as to what my condition is already, but I’m also afraid that I’ll get diagnosed with a disorder. I know there may be a better explanation as to my muscle spasms (I’ve read that stress can cause it, not having enough exercise, etc.) but my mind is worrying over the tiny possibility that it is a neurological disorder that is going to affect me later in life. I don’t know what to do I’m just very afraid.

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