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      I’ve been suffering with OCD for quite a few years now and recently my anxiety and intrusive thoughts seemed to have settled the past few months. But recently I’ve started get a lot of anxiety and intrusive thoughts about something that happened a long time back.

      When I was around 14, I was looking at pictures on social media. But I remember that one of the pictuss was of some of these characters [content edited by moderators]  But I remember at the time I became intrigued by the image. Anyways I think I just went past it and that was that. I never went back to look at it or searched for any more images like it.

      But now I am getting really anxious and worried about what I did all those years ago and that it means I’m a disgusting human being etc. I have kind of accepted that I was young back then and still exploring etc and doesn’t reflect my behaviour now. But when I conjur a mental image of that picture in my head now, it feels like I am getting obsessed by it? I don’t know how to explain it – I know I don’t actually find it exciting but the thought comes into my head every now and then and makes me feel like I am enjoying the image? Like sometimes I am not disgusted by the image of it which makes me worry because shouldn’t I be repulsed by it?

      Is this just a manifestation of my OCD or is this something else? Please can someone help.

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