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      Hi again,

      so apparently the housing company sent a cleaning team today, but there will be a separate general cleaning of the common areas on Monday anyway. I have to leave here tomorrow as my friend’s roommates will be returning and there’s no space for me anymore. So I’m probably going to go back to the apartment and hope I can stay there now. But I also start shuddering just thinking of it … it probably is best not to know who exactly lived in my room before. Then again I am afraid that when the two flatmates which I haven’t seen so far come back, they will tell me exactly who lived there, and everything will break down again for me…I don’t know what I will do tomorrow in case I still feel I can’t live in the apartment.

      May I ask everyone when or how your concerns regarding food started? Maybe I am lucky that I can at least enjoy my food without any problems (most of the time).
      I hope my studies go well and are also fun. I hope I’ll be able to concentrate when my courses start again next week.

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