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      Hi everyone… What about hole in the wall cash dispensers? Bank telling machines to give them their full title. I needed some cash so I could pay the car wash guy… I went to the cash machine at our local supermarket. It didn’t look as though anyone had tampered with it. The panel was a bit grubby, and as to what goes on the card when it disappears in that grubby slot, I really don’t know. Are these machines ever cleaned? And if so, How? and with what? They never have been, Have they? Have we ever got ill from using a bank or supermarket cash machine? To be honest… No… I’ll say that again… No… As far as it is possible to know. And we’ve been using these machines for decades…  Have they ever been really clean? I doubt it… What is on them? I really don’t know.  I thought about it when getting back in the car. My wife already had the anti-bac gel open ready, so accepted some, and wiped my hands. What is on the money? What has always been on money… As babies and children, whilst crawling around, built immunity to everything that could ever get on bank cards…

      More later…


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