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      Hi everyone… A new way to cook eggs… Put them in egg poachers… No faffing about trying to shell a hardboiled egg… They cook just as fast, and are actually easier to eat!  At this point I’m not too worried about the various theories as to how long they have to be boiled to make them safe. When I worked in the health service, they had to be overdone so much they were horrible! All so we wouldn’t get sued! And when you see the food hygiene label in a cafe… If it is five star excellent, they are telling you that A) Their food is really good, and B) Don’t bother trying to sue us!! Trip or fall solicitors beware!                           I’m doing a lot of studying now, so will have less time to post on here… I’m hoping to become a professional Psychotherapist. It isn’t as though I haven’t much experience!  Yesterday I travelled by car, eating cake when safe to do so… What is on the steering wheel? I don’t know. I’m antibac gelling my hands where it is provided. Shops are pretty good with that at the moment. I’ve gotten used to wearing a face covering in public. People are calling them face warmers now! Decaff coffee seems to help, and cake! I went to a chip shop in the south of England on Saturday, and got rock fish in Batter. I didn’t bother with a knife and fork, just held it in my fingers… And eventually, we are going to get a ‘rescue’ cat. Now the charity’s web site says we should wash our hands before and after touching a cat!! Why? Because they are a charity, and don’t want to get sued!! These trip and fall greedy solicitors have caused chaos. everyone is suing everyone else, and the solicitors are making millions! I believe they get more than the claimant… Okay, rant over.  Mind you, Does chocolate really go out of date?

      God bless you for reading.


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