Hi everyone! Is the sun actually shining where you are?

    I’ve actually noticed it today…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you have a railway station near you? We do, but only one train a day in each direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Imagine how pointless that is? The platform is probably swept once a year! And as for any litter bins, well….

    It is important to giggle… At anything you can. Find something you love to giggle at… The smaller the better… Something you are satisfied with. Not greed, greed is never satisfied,  it leads to wanting more and more, without end.

    I saw a funny poem the other day that read,

    The best things in life, make you fat, pregnant, or drunk!!!!  The other best things in life are free… Seek out the free of charge things… And own them for yourself… Take ownership, they can actually belong to you, be of value to you… Special… Like us…

    If I pop this Fridays blog on on Thursday night… What do you reckon!? I might just sort it Friday afternoon…!!!!!! ????????????????

    Until then dear friends…