Hi there and welcome… Only just seen this.

    I have too… I remember carrying bottles of antibacterial gel in my pockets and bags. Desperately thinking that I contaminated the world. A world that is already contaminated by other people. By other people who very often just don’t give a damn.

    A good book to help us is, ‘Feeling good, the new mood therapy’ By Dr David Burns MD. It is available from Amazon, and I guess, most bookshops. He has a wonderful way of looking at life.  It is based largely on the principles of CBT, but he is very down to earth. We don’t have to have the latest version, the one I got I’ve had about ten years, and is very easy reading. Another one is ‘How to stop worrying and start living’, By Dale Carnegie. I believe it can be found in audio on youtube. Apparently, he died the year I was born, so it is an old book, but again, easy to follow.

    Finally OCD is not a weakness… We need tremendous strength to overcome it, but it can definitely be done. I class myself as being in a sort of recovery now… It has been like a wild fairground ride, but all the better for standing back down on solid ground again…