Hi there…

    I’m trying to come off my meds… People keep trying to convince me that my cheerfulness and upbeat approach to life, is purely down to the meds I’m on… But is it? I don’t believe so… I’m having medical investigations for something that is apparently a possible side effect of my antidepressants…

    How is that supposed to make me feel?

    If I drive the car, have an accident, and find that I’d missed a dose… Is my insurance still active?

    I would like to have some control over my life…

    Medicines are chemicals that I am putting into my system. They possibly control my moods.

    Does anyone/anything have the right to do that to me? Well… Yes, even when I am not medicated under a section of the mental health act…  That is scary…

    I hope to come off medicines eventually, I’m on the top dose of Fluoxetine. But I’m not sure that I even need now that I’ve been through therapy…  To be fair, I haven’t been clinically depressed for at least ten years.

    I control my OCD by therapy, and writing about it on here. It still flares up occasionally, and I still have to work at it every day. But I really don’t want to be drugged up anymore.