Right now, I’m just coming out of a really nasty dose of Flu. I don’t remember much of yesterday or the day before, my nose has been flowing, never mind running. I have felt awful. I must admit that once or twice I have wiped my nose on my sleeve, just to get rid of the water. Does that mean that my sleeves are riddled with germs? It’s possible, I guess, but I reckon that, mixed in with the not so nice germs, are antibodies that are fighting the Flu. It’s a good idea… And reduces the fear of passing my Flu to someone else. I believe that Flu is an airborne thing… So, I’ve got it from someone else, and me to them, as we are all inevitably breathing the same air. The important thing though is that, we are passing immunity around too. It is a natural part of our biological makeup. Something we have all had a certain amount of since birth. We have inhaled since we took our first breath. And the air we breathe is certainly not particularly clean. But we have been adapting all of the time. Viruses mutate, as do our defence systems, all without us having to think about it. Just as well really!

    I find that Flu is my no.1 difficulty. It makes us feel really awful, and tired. I really have to struggle to remain upbeat, sometimes all I want to do is sleep. I know that this will only last a few days. So I leave something really enjoyable until tomorrow. Then, When I awaken, I’m raring to go. I have today as recovery time. And that is okay.

    Well, It’s okay for others so, by the same rule of thought, It is okay for me too.

    Okay… Time to think about preparing a meal…