I did!

    We went out for a meal… There must have been 200 of us in this garden centre restaurant. We got a table, then I went to the counter to order. Did ‘Anyone’ have clean hands? Really?

    In a word… No…

    The only place to wash hands would have been the public conveniences, And the less said about those, the better!

    No one had clean hands… And yet, that restaurant has never had a bad rating for the standard of it’s food. In fact, the garden centre/restaurant is only busy at ‘Meal times’… Midday, or early evening. At other times there is lot’s of space in the car park! The food is fantastic, and people come many miles to visit, even coach trips.

    So… My Contamination OCD has me overthinking a bit too much, but only now, to prop myself up in my constant telling myself that my hands are no worse than anyone else’s, My shoes are okay, and that, going to a restaurant or Cafe, is a really nice, pleasant thing to do, when finances allow. My kids will be okay.  I’ve got tonight’s meal sorted, the cooker will be fine. And I can eat chocolate with my bare fingers, without fear… It was okay last time I did it…