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    Absolutely, In fact, In university study, keeping a journal is recommended. It can be totally private, contain everything, and in the future, extremely interesting reading. It is a very positive thing to do. It can also be a massive way of unloading all our feelings, and, if we encrypt it, or save it with a password, no one else can access it, so we can be as explicit as we like… A great help with the feelings we are really frightened to get out of ourselves. It becomes your own self-help manual, tailored specifically to your own thoughts. If you are seeing a therapist, why not print bits out for them to read… That way you won’t forget to mention everything you want to say.  Very often, seeing it all in front of ourselves, and written on a screen or page, will help us put our feelings into perspective, we can be as blunt as we want, with no fear of someone finding out things that are private to ourselves. It is okay to have secrets… Everyone who lives on this planet has secrets.  A lot of random thoughts will go through our heads, of things we could never act upon, simply because we are so conscientious as people. People who don’t care, are not subject to worrying thoughts, cos they will dismiss them as fast as they come. In my understanding, conscientious people are the salt of the earth. Us OCD’ers most definitely included.