Okay… ‘Bontamination’.  It is a word made up from two… I’ve taken the ‘Con’ off the front of the word ‘Contamination’, and replaced it with the prefix ‘Bon’, which itself comes from the French language, meaning ‘Good’.  It is only a little change, but it makes a great deal of difference to the meaning. Instead of it being ‘dirty and unclean’, it is now ‘Reasonably clean’. In this context, we are thinking about ordinary touch, ordinary cleanliness, rather than continual washing, and trying to be super clean.  If we sit in a cafe, and surreptitiously watch other people around us, they rub their eyes, pick their noses etc. Then continue eating, with no concern whatsoever. Children touch everything, then grab the burger bun and take mouthfuls, without a care in the world… And let’s be honest here, the only place in the establishment, to wash hands, is the toilets, and we all well know that not everyone washes their hands before coming back into the restaurant properly, pulling on at least two door handles in the process… It’s not every time that we hear the noisy electric hand-driers when the interconnecting doors open. And yet, we don’t hear about food poisoning in the media… So, going on that as evidence, Can we get away with washing our hands a little less?

    After all, Other people seem to…