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    Thanks for asking about accessing posts and friends from the old forum, which was retired in December 2020. We know you may be disappointed but we’re sorry we can’t provide access to the old forum.

    It just wasn’t technically possible to migrate the thousands of posts and messages from the old forum. We know some users liked to re-read old posts that they found useful and helpful, so we’re sorry we couldn’t move posts to the new forum.

    But we did our best to keep users up-to-date about forum changes by posting topics both on the old and new forums. And we gave everyone time to ask questions before the new forum went live.

    We hope you understand why we updated the old forum to make it a safer place for the entire user community.

    If you’d like more information on why OCD Action made changes to our forums, please read this topic

    We hope this helps,

    Forum Moderators