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      Important News for Previous Forum Users 

      Welcome back! This forum launched in December 2020 and replaced the previous OCD Action forum that you were such an important part of.

      We designed these forums with you in mind. Continually improving the forum and protecting user safety are top priorities at OCD Action. After winning funding to create a new forum, we used user feedback to design and create the forum you wanted.

      We hope you’ll enjoy continuing to be part of our friendly and supportive forum user community.

      I used the previous forum. Has it changed?

      Yes! Following user feedback, we improved the forum and updated it to better ensure your security, safety and privacy. If you used the previous forum, you’ll notice some important changes.

      Forum users must now be over 18

      This is a very important difference! Previously, people 16 or over could use the forums and register for an account. But OCD Action and users were concerned about younger peoples’ safety. Now, users must be over 18 to use and register for this forum.

      Are you under 19? Please check out “OCD Youth”, our fantastic website and forum for young people, run by young people:

      Is the previous forum still “live”? And can I see my posts?

      You cannot view or access posts or content from the previous forum. We do understand this might be upsetting for some users.

      It just wasn’t possible to keep both forums running – or transfer thousands of old posts to the new forum. Please remember that we’re a very small charity – we did our best with the budget we had to create this new forum for you.

      Can I send PMs (private messages) to other forum users?

      To help protect your safety and security, PMs are not a feature of this forum. It is safer for everyone if users communicate “publicly” by posting on the forum, instead of privately through PMs.

      We can help if you run into problems when you’re communicating inside of these forums, but it’s far more difficult for us to assist you when you’re outside of the forums.

      And remember: when you support someone by sending a PM, you help only one person. But when you post your support on the forums, you help everyone in the forum community!

      Does my account from the previous forum still work?

      It may work, so please read this carefully. There were thousands of accounts on the previous forum. Transferring all over to these forums just wasn’t technically possible.

      So, we came up with the best solution we could: If you used the previous forum from July – Dec 2020, your account should be transferred to this forum. You can click here to set a new password: Password Reset

      If you did not access the forum during that time, you need to open a new account, so please Register for the forum

      How did you let me know about these changes?

      We know the previous forum was a vital source of support for many of you. So, we did our best to give you lots of notice about the new forum.

      While the previous forum was still live, we regularly updated users by posting about the new forum – and invited you to ask questions. Then, once the new forum launched, we posted more updates and reminded everyone that we’re here to support you!

      More questions? 

      Our forum moderators are here to help you. Please email your questions to:

      We really hope you enjoy the forum we’ve created just for you – and thanks to our forum users for your invaluable feedback and help!

      OCD Action Team

      Forum Moderators


        Are you a user of our previous forum, haven’t been here in a while and have questions about these forums? Please read (or re-read) the topic above – this should have all the information you need.

        Just to sum up: we want to be sure you know the old forums were retired and replaced with this new and improved forum. We hope you enjoy using it and being part of our forum user community!

        Any questions? Post them in the forum Questions? Feedback? Post it here! (Please don’t post here, as this is a “read-only” forum.) Or email them to:

        Forum Moderators

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