If you came along to our 2019 National Conference, you may have seen a snippet of the play ‘I’m Just a Little Bit OCD’, which premiered in full at the Brighton Fringe Festival in June last year!

We are delighted to let you know that the play is now heading to the International Youth Festival! The creative team behind the play are aiming to debunk the myth that OCD is a quirky personality trait by shedding light on the most unspoken about intrusions and compulsions sufferers face in their everyday lives.

Ria Fay, the Director and writer of “I’m just a little bit OCD” was inspired to create this production as she is personally affected by OCD. Here she shares her thoughts:

“It took me 12 years to realise I had OCD because I had no idea what having OCD actually involved. I’d heard people saying they were OCD when they liked things to be clean and organised but that was not what I was experiencing. I wanted to shed some light on what it feels like to have your mind invaded by disturbing intrusive thoughts that cause you to constantly doubt who you are. That being said, I’ve always used to humor to cope with my OCD, so I wanted to use comedy to explore why this misconception has become so common.”

In order to fund travel expenses, actor fees and rehearsal costs, the team have set up a Go Fund Me page which you can see and support here.

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