OCD can be isolating and destructive. Every month, our 54 support groups give hundreds of people with OCD somewhere to turn to, where they can find community and understanding.

This Christmas, your gift could be the turning point for someone battling OCD, ensuring they don’t have to endure it alone.

Meet Harvey: A Story of Hope and Support

Watch Harvey’s moving story and witness first-hand the significant difference your generosity makes.

How Support Groups Make a Difference

OCD Action support groups offer a sanctuary for people to bond over their experiences and find solace in the understanding of peers. They are often the first place where people encounter others who truly understand their struggles. You can learn more about our support groups here.

Your Gift Can Change Lives

Harvey’s story is just one example of the transformative power of peer support. 98% of our group members say that attending a support group helps them to feel less alone.

This holiday season, you can give this gift of connection and understanding to someone with OCD.

Thank you for your generosity and we wish you a peaceful holiday season.

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